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How to setup Netgear Router to Access Purpose (AP) Mode

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This article explains how to configure your Netgear Wireless Router automatically to Access Point mode (AP mode) once it detects that it is behind another router. You can use AP mode to:

  • Set up a router as an access point.
  • If you already have a Wireless Router and want to add an AP router to the network.
  • Extend your network using another Wireless Router.


To set your Netgear Wireless Router AP mode:

  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect the AP Wireless Router Internet port (WAN Port) to a LAN port on the existing main Wireless Router.



  • Access the AP router web interface using a computer that is connected to one of the LAN ports of the Netgear Wireless Router.Note: If the main router IP address is set to, the AP router will automatically change its IP address to
  • Click  Continue. Netgear Genie will automatically detect the other existing wireless router on the network.




  • On the next page, select Get IP Address dynamically from existing router and click Next.



Note: If you want to set a static IP on the AP, select Use fixed IP Address and type the IP Address, IP Subnet Mask, Gateway IP Address, Primary DNS and Secondary DNS.
To avoid IP conflicts, use an static IP that is not assigned to the devices using the main Wireless Router.




  • The AP router will automatically reboot and return to the screen displaying the wireless settings of the main Wireless Router as shown below:




  • Once successfully connected, you will see a page confirming that the setup is successful and the AP is now online and ready to browse the Internet.


  • If you go back to the AP router user interface, you will see that it is now operating in Access Point mode.




Note: If the Wireless Router is in Access Point mode, you will notice that most of its Wireless Router features are greyed out and cannot be changed or modified.

The following features will be unavailable once the router is in AP mode:

  • Setup Wizard
  • Internet Settings
  • WAN Setup
  • LAN Setup
  • Parental Controls
  • Block Sites
  • Block Services
  • Port Forwarding/Port Triggering
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Static Routes
  • Remote Management
  • UPnP
  • IPv6
  • Traffic Meter

If you need to further configure the AP (to change wireless settings for example), connect your computer to the network. In a browser address bar type the AP IP address, using either the IP address that you set manually, or the one assigned to the AP by the main Wireless Router. It is recommended to assign a static IP address on the AP so that it does not change.


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