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Handy tips to quickly fix your router related issues

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Use of smart devices have been uphill since last decade and now it is reality that online activities are required almost in every moment. Whether you play online games across various platforms, video-stream movies or communicate through official e-mail, you need strong internet connectivity. Still, at times we face slow internet issues! Well, it is truly disturbing to experience problems as we play our favourite game League of Legends or while downloading a latest Ed Sheeran hit song. To avoid these unwanted moments of life having a proper router customer service number is mandatory.

Handy tips to quickly fix your router related issues

In the era of e-evolution ISP’s are smarter

With innovation and evolution of optic fibre-based data transfer and advanced internet connectivity slow internet connectivity is no longer an issue of the ISP or Internet Service Provider. But it is an issue where we need to get in touch with the router customer support provider to sort the issue. Few tips can be of immense help when we face internet connection issue.

–> Trying another gadget or device

It is a good idea to try your spouse’s laptop with her permission or if you try your mobile or tablet when you are unable to connect using your laptop. It can be issue of your laptop if other devices can connect to the internet.

–> Checking the internet package, you have subscribed

Maybe you have reached the limit of usage and you need to re-subscribe or buy some more data, so it is wise to log in to the ISP’s billing page to check the amount you have already used. At times you might experience lesser speed when you have reached the level of maximum usage.

–> DNS Server related issue

There are times when the computer is looking for the IP Address using DNS Server, the DNS server may encounter issue at times. Typing the IP address into the browser can be a brilliant idea by bypassing the DNS server. If you find that the page has loaded and the desired IP address fetched a site, consider there has been issue with the DNS Server.

–> Wi-Fi based connections are usually slower than the directly router-based connections

A reputed router customer support provider will always make the fact clear that when you are facing issue with your wi-fi connection, just directly connect with the router using an Ethernet cable. While using a router, at times you might experience lower signals and low signal bars. It is necessary to keep or move your router to a central location or you may use a wi-fi extender.

–> Change your settings and start clean

Reaching the right router customer service number is advisable when your rebooting did not work. You have rebooted your router with the intent of getting proper wi-fi signals but still if you face issues it is best to seek consultation from the reputed router support number. They might suggest you reset your router to factory mode or the experienced customer support associates might suggest certain innovative trick to troubleshoot the issues.

–> Reaching the grass-root level to find the solution

There are several issues which remain unnoticed, it can happen that due to excess wind or storm or settings and connection of your router has changed. There can be other technical issues associated to the router, for this we need to keep a good router customer support number handy.

router customer service number to help you

Keep cool and knock the right door

Instead of being rattled during hours of need you got to keep a cool head. Remember, there can be probabilities where you might also have to replace your router. There are router customer service number at your help and the technical support executives on the other side are skilled, trained and experienced to handle router related issues. With minimal turnaround time they can sort as they are experienced and dealing with the issues day in and out. Most of the renowned toll-free customer support providers operate round the clock and through the year.

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