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How to Update Belkin Router Firmware

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Belkin router is that the best property device. From thirty years Belkin has been serving its customers with high web speed. It provides in depth vary through that you’ll be able to connect your iPads, iPhone, laptops etc at identical time. By mistreatment Belkin router you’ll be able to have access over the web at each home and workplace. but many times a user doesn’t acumen to Update Belkin Router Firmware? And for the right property, it’s quite necessary that your router has the updated microcode. thus we have a tendency to bring for the simple steps to update it.

How to Update Belkin Router Firmware?

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Why does one ought to Update the Firmware of Belkin Router?
The terribly very first thing you want to apprehend the definition of Firmware and why you ought to update your router fairly often. As we have a tendency to all apprehend that the device will bring serious issues in our life. It may be simply hacked, your personal and informative knowledge may be lost, brute attacks etc. thus to reduce the drawbacks within the style of Firmware Belkin releases security updates that fix all the issues and security problems.

Using the web while not change the microcode doesn’t add up in the least. intrinsically the instances of information felony and insecure WiFi affiliation whereas transmission between the router and mobile is increasing. Addition to the present the microcode update can offer you with the wonderful options that you just will certainly like.

Convenient Steps to Update the Belkin Router Firmware:

  • In order to update the Firmware on your router, first you need to connect the Belkin Router to the PC using an Ethernet cable. It’s recommended to update the Firmware by wired method instead of doing it using wireless connection.

In order to update your Belkin router Firmware you want to complete the 3 steps:

  • Check your router’s model variety and its version.
  • Download the Firmware
  • Carry out the update
  • Now follow the steps to update the Firmware of the Belkin router.

It is recommended that you take help from someone who has the expertise in updating the Router Firmware as updating a router incorrectly may damage the router.


Call our Router Support number +1-844-659-0555 and talk to our Router Expert for help. An expert will guide you through the steps and help you update the firmware of the Belkin Router.



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How to Fix Belkin Router DNS Error

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How to Fix Belkin Router DNS Error?

These days everybody seeks for the high-speed net however once suddenly the web gets disconnected then nothing is a lot of distressing than this. per se each one folks is depended upon the technology i.e, internet. DNS refers to name System that produces the individuals get access to completely different domain names like, etc. it’s a vital a part of the router because it interprets the name to corresponding science addresses. during this web log section, we’ve got come back up with the straightforward steps and solutions concerning a way to Fix Belkin Router DNS Error?

How to Fix Belkin Router DNS Error?

Easy Steps to repair Belkin Router DNS Error:

  • While connecting to the web through the Belkin router you will face many issues like broken written record files, viruses, malware, and corrupted information. These errors are caused because of the improper maintenance of your system. If you didn’t fix it then this could cause severe pc problems. one amongst the common error is DNS error that you’ll be able to fix by following the below steps:
  • Login to your Belkin Router page.
  • Now go beneath the web WAN icon and click on on the DNS icon.
  • Next, move to the web WAN settings that ar settled on the left aspect of the page wherever users will get to access associate degree applicable link.
  • Users have to be compelled to uncheck the checkbox that’s simply close to the automated from ISP.
  • After that enter the DNS address that you wish to line on Belkin router.
  • In order to enter the Google name System address, it’s instructed by our team to figure with the correct information.
  • The users should work with the first Google name System further as Secondary Google name System.
  • To set the Open DNS, you simply need to enter the name System addresses which is able to be provided by the professionals like Primary Open name System and Secondary Open name System.
  • At last when getting into all the suitable numbers click on the “Apply Changes” button


It is recommended that you take help from someone who has the expertise in with Router Setup as changing the settings incorrectly on the Router’s Page can cause loss of internet access.


Call our Router Support number +1-844-659-0555 and talk to our Router Expert for help. An expert will guide you through the steps and help you fix the DNS issue on the router

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How to Setup Belkin Router Without CD

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Methods to Setup Belkin Router without a CD

For installation of Belkin, router without CD is extremely straightforward currently. For the setup method, proper internet access is must. Just in case if your you have poor internet access, then you won’t be able to login to the Belkin Router Page.

Solution For putting in a Belkin Router Manually

To setup Belkin router without CD, you need to have a LAN or Ethernet cable that compatible along with your router. Here are the required steps-

Firstly, disconnect your PC or Laptop and Belkin router from the power supply.
Secondly, Connect your PC or Laptop and Belkin Router via coax and insert the cable in local area network port and net port.
Thirdly, connect your router and PC or Laptop to induce the specified power
Now take another LAN or Ethernet cable to connect the Belkin Router to the Laptop or PC.
Now launch your browser and within the search bar kind 192. 168.2.1 and press enter
Now, you’re redirected to the Belkin router setup page. At this page, move to net WAN section, and navigate “Connection type” and click on on that.
After selecting your net association click on Next.
Now, Enter the association details that ar provided by your ISP. After this, apply the changes by clicking on the Save button.
Finally, check your “Internet Connection” standing and ensure that it’s showing as “Connected”.
This is it. By shared steps, you’ll be able to Setup Belkin Router while not CD. get pleasure from your quick net.


It is recommended that you take help from someone who has the expertise in with Router Setup as changing the settings incorrectly on the Router’s Page can cause loss of internet access.


Call our Router Support number +1-844-659-0555 and talk to our Router Expert for help. An expert will guide you through the steps and help you setup your Router.

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How to setup Netgear Router to Access Purpose (AP) Mode

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This article explains how to configure your Netgear Wireless Router automatically to Access Point mode (AP mode) once it detects that it is behind another router. You can use AP mode to:

  • Set up a router as an access point.
  • If you already have a Wireless Router and want to add an AP router to the network.
  • Extend your network using another Wireless Router.


To set your Netgear Wireless Router AP mode:

  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect the AP Wireless Router Internet port (WAN Port) to a LAN port on the existing main Wireless Router.



  • Access the AP router web interface using a computer that is connected to one of the LAN ports of the Netgear Wireless Router.Note: If the main router IP address is set to, the AP router will automatically change its IP address to
  • Click  Continue. Netgear Genie will automatically detect the other existing wireless router on the network.




  • On the next page, select Get IP Address dynamically from existing router and click Next.



Note: If you want to set a static IP on the AP, select Use fixed IP Address and type the IP Address, IP Subnet Mask, Gateway IP Address, Primary DNS and Secondary DNS.
To avoid IP conflicts, use an static IP that is not assigned to the devices using the main Wireless Router.




  • The AP router will automatically reboot and return to the screen displaying the wireless settings of the main Wireless Router as shown below:




  • Once successfully connected, you will see a page confirming that the setup is successful and the AP is now online and ready to browse the Internet.


  • If you go back to the AP router user interface, you will see that it is now operating in Access Point mode.




Note: If the Wireless Router is in Access Point mode, you will notice that most of its Wireless Router features are greyed out and cannot be changed or modified.

The following features will be unavailable once the router is in AP mode:

  • Setup Wizard
  • Internet Settings
  • WAN Setup
  • LAN Setup
  • Parental Controls
  • Block Sites
  • Block Services
  • Port Forwarding/Port Triggering
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Static Routes
  • Remote Management
  • UPnP
  • IPv6
  • Traffic Meter

If you need to further configure the AP (to change wireless settings for example), connect your computer to the network. In a browser address bar type the AP IP address, using either the IP address that you set manually, or the one assigned to the AP by the main Wireless Router. It is recommended to assign a static IP address on the AP so that it does not change.


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How do I change the wireless channel on my NETGEAR router

In some regions, not all channels area unit offered. don’t amendment the channel unless you expertise interference (shown by lost connections or slow information transfers). If this happens, experiment with totally different channels to examine that is best.

Note: Extenders should use an equivalent channel as your router.

To change the wireless channel:

Launch an internet browser from a pc or mobile device that’s connected to your router’s network.
A login window opens.
Enter the user name and secret.
The user name is admin. The default secret is secret. The user name and secret area unit case-sensitive.
The BASIC Home page displays.
Select Wireless.
The Wireless Settings page displays.
From the Region menu, choose your region.
In some locations, you can not amendment this setting.
Select variety from the Channel menu.
Click the Apply button.

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What do I need to know before selecting a different wireless channel?

Your alternative of wireless channels will have an enormous impact on network performance. Your goal is to decide on settings that avoid interference from alternative networking and frequence instrumentation. this can be particularly vital if your instrumentation uses the 802.11n or 802.11ac wireless networking commonplace. think about adjusting your channel choices within the following situations:

You are experiencing interference (shown by lost connections or slow knowledge transfers).
You want to enhance your wireless coverage.
You use multiple access points or wireless routers, which needs you to use completely different channels on the devices.
You aren’t the sole person close running a wireless network.

Simple spacing of channels:

Improving signal strength isn’t like adding additional lights to induce a brighter lounge. Devices that transmit powerfully, like routers, access points, and telephone base stations, will interfere with each other. to stop that, place them as way apart as attainable, and make sure that they use completely different channels.

Devices that use 802.11b and 802.11g will be tuned to at least one of eleven channels in North America, thirteen channels in Europe. If you expertise interference from overlapping wireless networks, every network ought to use one in every of the non-overlapping channels. These area unit channels one, vi in USA. Channels 1, seven in Europe. this enables 3 networks to use an equivalent house with minimum interference. If you’ll not do this, select channels as wide spaced as attainable, ideally a minimum of 5 channels apart. for instance, use channels one and vi, or channels four and ten.

In addition, rather than attempting to hide all over in your home, use a mix of access points and antennas and alternative instrumentation to make native “spotlights” of robust transmission.

What if a channel i need to use has an excessive amount of interference?

Unfortunately, you cannot utterly avoid interference simply by mistreatment alternative channels. Wireless protocols 802.11b and 11g solely have 3 non-overlapping channels. once four or additional channels area unit employed in an equivalent space, the amount of interference will increase notably. If you and your shut neighbor each have a router and a wireless access purpose, a complete of 4 powerful transmitters area unit in shut proximity and you each expertise some interference.

If you are experiencing a severe drawback, a sensible and sociable factor is to speak to your neighbors mistreatment wireless networks which will be seen once you scan. Together, you’ll select best channels for your individual networks. Tune your instrumentation to channels that a minimum of 5 channels apart. So, for instance, you may use channels one and eight, and your neighbor would possibly use five and eleven. Setting Power to [*fr1] or quarter ought to be thought-about.

You might be ready to place routers and access points farther far from one another within your homes. After all, the forms of physical barriers that cut back your transmission vary additionally cut back the signal that your neighbor does not need to check.

Using a aerial, or Associate in Nursing Associate in Nursingtenna cable to shift an antenna, will assist you each. See the articles on antenna choice.

Reducing wireless network traffic:

Interference causes your network performance to drop, therefore additionally to reducing noise, you’ll additionally cut back the quantity of network knowledge being transmitted.

In a crying surroundings, it would be helpful to stay a part of your network wired. If local area network cabling is not Associate in Nursing choice, think about NETGEAR’s Powerline merchandise, that use existing home electricity wiring rather than patch cables.

When your network name (SSID) is broadcast, it’s best for instrumentation to seek out the strongest signal. but this additionally causes network overhead. once the SSID is broadcast, your neighbor’s instrumentation would possibly keep a record of it and mechanically attempt to connect many times a second; this follow will cause important performance reduction. If a network is close, close up SSID broadcast and alter the default SSID.

Turning off WEP and WPA security will increase network outturn, however exposes your network to hackers. NETGEAR doesn’t advocate turning off WEP or WPA apart from testing functions.

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How to improve wireless range

Wireless routers, access points, and adapters send and receive electromagnetic radiation signals through antennas. Most routers and access points have external visible antennae, however some area unit housed internally. Radio waves may be centered sort of a light-weight bulb, and like light-weight, some materials cut back or stop radio waves. whereas light-weight centered from many light-weight sources is brighter and makes it easier to examine, many antennae within the same space cause interference. This reduces radio emission clarity and effectiveness.

To optimize your wireless vary, follow these guidelines:

Place the access purpose in an exceedingly central location, instead of in an exceedingly corner. Public Wi-Fi locations sometimes have Access purpose (AP) mounted on the wall or ceiling.

Minimize obstacles:
A clear line of sight between AP and also the wireless device (laptop, phone, tablet) is right. Factors like variety of walls, and wall thickness can have an effect on signal strength. A filing cupboard would defend radio waves as an example.

Avoid interference:
This refers to different electronic devices victimization radio waves within the same a pair of.4G or five rate vary. Examples area unit different wireless routers / AP’s within the same area or house. Microwave ovens, once in operation may interfere with wireless property within reach.
Other samples of interference area unit cell phones, 2.4 gigacycle per second conductor phones, and duplicate machines. Interference can even occur once your wireless signal bounces off reflective objects. Objects will part or utterly absorb signals, replicate them, bend them, or allow them to pass during. Metal replicate signals. Water (including the water in human ) absorb signals. Air, wood, and glass tend to let signals pass, however weakened. Plants and also the weather can even cause interference.
Check signal strength:

This depends on location. Increasing strength would apply normally, to a rustic space, however not a town or geographical region. If too robust, your neighbours would obtain your wireless network.Power affects however way AN antenna radiates. Strength of quarter or [*fr1], is ok for many home users.
Note: The feature Transmit Power management is merely out there on bound NETGEAR routers like the WNDR3800.
Antennae type:
Antennae don’t radiate equally in each direction. even as a light-weight beam may be centered by a reflector, equally AN antenna signal may be blocked and centered. as a result of individuals cannot see radio waves, you want to have confidence testing to induce an inspiration of wherever antennas “shine” most brilliantly. The a lot of powerful and sensitive antennae area unit on routers, access points, and clastic external antennae, as compared with antennae on consumer devices, eg USB dongles. the main focus of AN antenna is either omni-directional antenna or directional.
Omni-directional antennas, that area unit employed in most home product, radiate horizontally all around, however area unit weaker upward or downward. consider signal strength sort of a doughnut form. wherever visible, these antennas area unit sometimes a rod many inches long. Following is AN example of AN omni-directional antenna:A directional antenna(also referred to as a high-gain antenna) radiates powerfully in an exceedingly specific direction. it’s sometimes a flat panel or a dish. These may be used for point-to-point transmissions, wherever 2 antennae area unit centered directly at every another. These would like a line of sight between them, and ideally an oversized open house round the main beam. Following may be a example of a directional antenna:

When you area unit close to the antennae, you receive a symptom, though you’re out of the direction of its strongest signals. however at longer distances, you want to be within the direction the beam is that the most powerful and unobstructed to receive a symptom.

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How do I find and select the WiFi network on my Nighthawk router?

To find and choose the Wi-Fi network:

Make sure that the router has power (Power junction rectifier is lit).
On your laptop or wireless device, notice and choose the Wi-Fi network.
The Wi-Fi network name is on the router label.

Note: If you would like to vary the Wi-Fi network name, see however do I read or modification the wireless network name (SSID) on my NETGEAR router?
Join the Wi-Fi network and enter the Wi-Fi positive identification.
The positive identification is on the router label.
Your wireless device connects to the Wi-Fi network.

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How do I turn the WiFi radios off or on using the WiFi On/Off button?

To turn the WiFi radios off or on with the WiFi On/Off button:

Press the WiFi On/Off button on the router for two seconds.
If you don’t know what the WiFi On/Off button looks like, check your router’s manual.

If you turned off the WiFi radios, the WiFi On/Off LED, the WPS LED, and the LEDs on the active antennas turn off.
If you turned on the WiFi radios, the WiFi On/Off LED, the WPS LED, and the LEDs on the active antennas light.

Note: If the LED On/Off switch is moved to the Off position, all the LEDs except the Power LED are turned off.

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How do I alter or disable the wireless local area network radios on my NETGEAR router or dsl gateway?

If you used the local area network button to show off the local area network radios, you can’t log in to the router to show them back on. you want to press the local area network button once more for 2 seconds to show the local area network radios back on.

To change or disable the local area network radios by work in to the router:

Launch an online browser from a pc or mobile device that’s connected to your device’s network.
A login window displays.
Enter the router user name and word.
The user name is admin. The default word is word. The user name and word area unit case-sensitive.
The BASIC Home page displays.
Select ADVANCED > Advanced Setup > Wireless Settings.
In the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz-1, and five GHZ-2 sections, choose or clear the change Wireless Router Radio check boxes.
Clearing these check boxes turns off the local area network feature of the router for every band.
Click the Apply button.
If you turned off the local area network radios, the local area network LEDs shut down. If you turned on the local area network radios, the local area network LEDs lightweight.

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